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Troyan monastery

Troyan monastery

(1 km away)
The monastery was founded around 1600 AD maybe even earlier. The legend says of monks of Athos travelling to Valachia with the Greek monasterry's holy possession – the miracle icon of the Virgin Mary which was a copy of the old miracle icon located at the Hilindar monastery. Today the monastery is open to the public and also offers access to the museum of Vasil Levski one of Bulgaria's greatest liberation heroes.

National exibit of arts and crafts

National exibit of arts and crafts

(1km away)
This is the only such exibition in the country that has gathered works of bulgarian craftsmen from every ethnographic area all in one place. The exibit has nine halls with a total size of 4200 sq.m. There you can see unique wood carvings, traditional Bulgarian hand made rugs and carpets, pottery, copper dishes, knitting and embrodiery.

"Baba Stana”neighbourhood

Baba Stana neighbourhood

The neighbourhood of “Baba Stana”is located 30min away from the hotel on foot. Access by car is also possible. The place that was founded within the village of Oreshak is a wonderful place for walking. What is truly interesting about it is the number of authentic Bulgarian houses preserved to this day. You can also admire a small but beautiful chapel and a primary school typical for the country between the 15th and 18th century.

"St. Nicholas” chapel

St.Nicholas chapel

This small chapel was founded in 1785 and is located 45min away on foot. A narrow path through the woods will lead to an old but heavenly place and the many cleverly hidden stone signs will give you strength to conquer the steep way. A wonderful place for a picnic and a walk.

Natural museum in Cherni Osam village

Natural museum in Cherni Osam

(3 km away)
The museum consists of three exhibition halls that hold more than 700 kinds of animals gathered from this part of the Balkan mountains. In the yard of the museum you can see the so called “Green classroom”. It shows how a layer of a wolf and a bear look like and an artificial lake surrounded by mountain flowers.

Horse base of Troyan

Horse base of Troyan

The base offers a qulified instructor for group or individual training of horse riding on a manege or walk on a horse through the woods. For information please turn to reception.

Rope park “Katerichka”

Rope park Katerichka

This is a special installation created from different elements (beams, rope ladders and ropes), built between the trees of a century old beech forest. Attendance of the park is often met with good emotions, adrenalin and could be done by anyone with the proper mountain equipment, safety instruction and of course a fully qualified teacher.

Krushuna waterfalls, the village of Krushuna

Waterfalls of Krushuna

(70 km away)
The picturesque area is a cool and wonderful place for a walk during the hot summer days. The forest path will lead you alongside the beautiful and clear waterfalls as well as preserved neches and cells that were once inhabited by monks of the Krushuna monastery.

Tennis courts

Tennis in Oreshak

Just 15 min away from the hotel you will find the tennis courts of Oreshak. You can book in advance for using the court and also require a personal training with an instructor. Price per hour is 15 BGN.

City of Troyan

City of Troyan

Our museum of arts and crafts in the heart of the city will show you some of the most traditional and oldest creations by Bulgarian masters. It will help you explore our history and culture and enjoy yourselves.